Vegan Letterbox Gifts: Top 7 Pampering Skincare Kits

Unleash Vegan & Organic Pampering!

The Ultimate Letterbox Surprise...

The Perfect Blend of Self-Care & Sustainability

Looking for a unique gift idea to give your newly vegan niece on her birthday, or an eco-warrior friend who loves nature & skincare? Whether it's a birthday gift, thank you gift, or a gift...just because - these are a few of our favourites to enjoy pampering with plants sent personalised through the letterbox!

You Are Amazing Make Your Own Organic Vegan Skincare Letterbox Gift

vegan letterbox gift for her

Searching for that perfect gift to show someone how amazing they truly are? Look no further! Our luxurious make your own face mask and body scrub vegan letterbox has everything they need to experience pure relaxation and self-care.

Discover a world of plant-powered skincare, where only the finest organic and vegan ingredients are used and say goodbye to harmful chemicals and confusing ingredient lists found in pre-made skincare products.


Plus add your own gift message and make this ‘you are amazing’ gift extra special - a unique surprise that is guaranteed to bring a smile.

Price £30, Shop Now


Make Your Own Clay & Cacao Face Mask Kit

vegan letterbox face mask gift

Experience a face mask pamper session like no other! With the perfect balance of moisturising coconut oil, antioxidant-rich cacao powder, nutrient-dense maca, and deeply cleansing bentonite clay this all natural, vegan face mask alternative is guaranteed to leave you feeling relaxed and nourished by nature. If you've ever had a pre-made face mask in a plastic sachet, you will never again, and swapping it for only natural ingredients packaged plastic free, your skin & the planet will thank you! 

Add your own personalised gift message and make your gift ready to become an eco-friendly letterbox surprise delivered straight through your loved ones letterbox!  

Price: £12, Shop Now


Organic Vegan Make Your Own Face Mask Birthday Letterbox Gift

vegan letterbox gift birthday

Looking for a birthday gift for your friend that's truly unique? This birthday letterbox gift includes everything they need to create their own spa-like experience!

Discover the pampering power of a face mask made from only indulgently moisturising coconut oil, antioxidant rich cacao powder, nutrient dense maca and deeply cleansing bentonite clay… 

Plus, add an optional seriously tasty, vegan & organic hazelnut butter chocolate bar - to enjoy while you mix! Want to add a personalised gift message? Add your message to the product page and we will handwrite your message and include it inside your gift. 😊

Price: £21.50, Shop Now


Organic Vegan Face Mask Thinking Of You Letterbox Gift

thinking of you vegan letterbox gift

 A pampering, chocolatey, thinking of you letterbox gift! Organic, vegan, personalised with a gift message inside & choose your favourite thinking of you gift design!

Price: £25.00, Shop Now


Pamper Organic Vegan Make Your Own Skincare Letterbox Gift

vegan letterbox gift

Spread plant power with everything you need to create your own luxurious, all natural, face masks and body scrub, it'll be time to be transported to a world of relaxation and self-care.

Find only the finest organic and vegan ingredients, to make plant powered skincare and navigate the harmful chemicals and unnecessary long lists of undecipherable ingredients found in pre-made skincare. Plus, our packaging is completely plastic-free and home compostable, creating an eco-friendly gift that won’t disappoint!

Make your birthday gift extra special and add your own personalised gift message - a unique letterbox surprise that is guaranteed to bring a smile.

Price: £30.00, Shop Now


Sending Hugs Organic Vegan Face Mask Letterbox Gift

vegan letterbox gift hug

A hug in a box! Our luxurious clay & cacao make your own face mask gift is a thoughtful & unique pick to send a great big hug, encourage self-care and spread joy. With only the finest organic and vegan ingredients, your loved one can pamper their selves with a plant-powered spa experience in the comfort of her own home. Plus, with a personalised gift message to create a special surprise through the letterbox, this gift is sure to make them smile. 

Price: £21.50, Shop Now


Love You Mum Organic Vegan Chocolatey Pamper Letterbox Gift

vegan letterbox gift for mum

Imagine the joy on your mum’s face as dropped through her letterbox she discovers a luxury organic vegan body scrub kit, paired with delicious organic raw vegan chocolate. Pamper mum with ultimate self care!

Let’s unleash the power of nature with this totally unique, totally natural cacao & coffee body scrub! And while the ingredients melt, enjoy seriously delicious organic vegan hazelnut butter filled chocolate! This unique and eco-friendly gift is the perfect way to say 'love you mum'.

Price: £26.50, Shop Now


What's the perfect gift for someone you love? We hope we've helped you find the answer... luxuriously pampering, personalised, vegan letterbox gifts! Kindness to you, kindness to the planet too.

Have a question? We would love to help, get in touch and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Love, Fruits of the Nut Tree  

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Luxuriously Pampering Letterbox Gifts: Your Questions Answered

My loved one is vegan, are all your letterbox gifts vegan-friendly?

Yes 😊 All of the gifts on this page are 100% vegan-friendly!

Sustainability and care for the planet is deeply important to us and most of are gifts on our site are also vegan-friendly. With the only exception being a decision to use organically, finest quality sourced beeswax (made to support the amazing bees and their importance to the eco system).

For a 100% vegan gift, all gifts, apart from our make your own body cream gifts range are suitable.

What makes these letterbox gifts eco-friendly?

At Fruits of the Nut Tree, we are passionate about creating eco-friendly gifts. Supporting our precious planet, together with you, is at the core of our business. Our make your own skincare kits navigate the long list of sneaky ingredients found in pre-made skincare so your friend can relax knowing exactly what she is putting on her skin - only the finest quality, organic ingredients. Our gifts are also 100% plastic free and creating a gift that is kind to the skin, soil & ocean was something that was very important to us.

What makes making your own skincare so special?

Making your own skincare allows you to know exactly what ingredients are going onto your skin, avoiding harsh & unnecessary chemicals and preservatives that pre-made skincare often contain. Plus, with our kit all the ingredients are organic and carefully chosen to be the most luxurious!

Can I add a gift message to these letterbox gifts?

Yes 😊 We would love to help you make your gift extra special. Just let us know what you'd like to say in your gift message and we'll make sure to include it with your gift. You can add your message to the "gift message" section on the product page and we'll take care of the rest.

What are the delivery options for these letterbox gifts?

We offer free 1st class Royal Mail delivery on all UK orders, which typically takes 1-2 working days to arrive. If you would like your order sooner, we also offer a next day delivery option at checkout for £6.95. And if you order before 1pm Monday to Friday, we'll dispatch your order on the same day!

We're dedicated to ensuring that your gift reaches its destination swiftly, allowing your loved ones to indulge in the plant-powered pampering without delay. If you have any questions or queries about delivery, please get in touch with us, we would love to help.

Why did you choose to use organic ingredients in your make your own skincare kits?

We are committed to creating products that are not only good for your skin, but also good for the planet. That's why we source only the highest quality, organic ingredients for our skincare kits and gifts. Organic farming practices promote soil health, biodiversity, and protect the environment from harmful chemicals and pollutants. By choosing organic, we are not only supporting sustainable farming practices, but also importantly providing you with the purest and most effective ingredients for your skincare.

Do you have any discounts for these letterbox gifts?

For first time orders we offer a 10% discount code by subscribing to our newsletter. Don't worry we wont bombard you with emails, only the occasional exciting news and exclusive offers 😊 Subscribe below and welcome to Fruits of the Nut Tree!