Proud Of You Gifts

Gifts that say 'I am so proud of you'

Have you ever given a gift that after minutes your loved one is relaxing with their very own organic, vegan, plant powered skincare? Personalised, thoughtful, and luxuriously pampering these proud of you gifts are guaranteed to delight, relax and bring a smile.

So Proud Of You Gifts: Luxuriously Pampering & Guaranteed to Create A Smile

Of all the reasons to celebrate, being proud of someone you care about is one of the best! That's why we've created a range of thoughtful and eco-friendly "Proud of You" gifts that let you show just how much you care. From our luxurious face masks, delectable chocolate and coffee scrubs or sumptuous moisturiser kits, each gift is carefully crafted with the highest-quality, ethically sourced, and organic ingredients. So go ahead, make someone's day and let them know just how proud of them you are!

"A lovely token to send a niece during her exams, well received, in a timely fashion and appropriately packaged."

"So happy with this. Its perfect and exactly as described."

Finding the Perfect Proud Of You Gift: Your Questions Answered

What makes your gifts unique & pampering?

Unleash the pampering power of nature with skincare made with the best, carefully chosen, organic ingredients. With luxurious face mask kits, indulgent cacao & coffee body scrub kits and a moisturising, soothing and totally pure body cream kit, in minutes you can enjoy amazing pampering whilst knowing exactly what's going onto your skin - nothing but the best! Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and preservatives found in pre-made skincare and hello to pure, natural indulgence. Imagine the facial expression as your loved one creates skincare that the skin & the planet will love!

How eco-friendly are these proud of you gifts?

At Fruits of the Nut Tree, we are passionate about creating eco-friendly gifts. Supporting our precious planet, together with you, is at the core of our business. Our make your own skincare kits navigate the long list of sneaky ingredients found in pre-made skincare so you can relax knowing exactly what is on your skin - only the finest quality, organic ingredients. Our gifts are also 100% plastic free and creating a gift that is kind to you, the soil & ocean was something that was very important to us.

What are the delivery options for your gifts?

We offer free 1st class Royal Mail delivery on all UK orders, which typically takes 1-2 working days to arrive. If you would like your gift sooner, we also offer a next day delivery option at checkout for £6.95. And if you order before 1pm Monday to Friday, we'll dispatch your order on the same day!

We're dedicated to ensuring that your gift reaches its destination swiftly, and we know that it matters that your loved ones can get your proud of you gift surprise and be pampering with the power of plants without delay. If you have any questions or queries about delivery, please get in touch with us, we would love to help.

Can I send these proud of you gifts straight to the recipient?

Yes, absolutely! Our gifts are the perfect present to celebrate and surprise your loved ones with, and we're very happy to send it directly to the recipient. Just enter the recipient's name and address as the shipping address at checkout, and we'll take care of the rest.

We can also include a personalised gift message, handwritten and added to the gift box, to make it even more special for the recipient. Just make sure to include your message in the "Gift Message" field on the product page.

And don't worry, no pricing information is included inside our gifts.

Are your proud of you gifts vegan friendly?

The proud of you gifts on this page are 100% vegan friendly apart from the Proud Of You Make Your Own Body Cream Gift , which includes organically, finest quality sourced beeswax (a decision made that is passionate to support bees and their importance to the eco system).

Sustainability and care for the planet is deeply important to us and all gifts have this ethos at their roots.

I really want to send a surprise proud of you gift to arrive on a specific date, is this possible?

Postponing the dispatch date is definitely something we can help with an we would love to help! Please get in touch and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please beware that postage times can vary, although we do offer the Royal Mail guarenteed next day delivery for £6.95 which is a very reliable service 😊

Can I add a gift message to my gift?

Yes 😊 Add your message to the "gift note" section on the product page and we'll make sure it is included in your gift.

What is your most popular proud of you gift?

We love sharing all our proud of you gifts with you, and we love that everyone has a different favourite! But slightly most popular (maybe due to the ultimate chocolately-ness) is this 'i'm so proud of you' make your own body scrub & chocolate gift😊